Hsc300 Unit 6 Personal Questions

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General Questions In-game username: My in-game username is HungryHiccups. Age: I am currently sixteen years old, and my birthday is June 30th 1999. Gender: I am a male. Location and Timezone: I am from Indiana in the United States, the timezone I am in is Central Standard Time otherwise known as CST. How many staff applications have you made, when was your last application made? This is my first ever staff application that I have made on the ItsJerryandHarry forums. How long have you been playing Minecraft? I have been playing Minecraft since October 29th 2011. How long have you been playing on the server? I was introduced to the ItsJerryandHarry forums by my close friend Ashley about a year ago, I have been playing on the server almost every day since and enjoy my…show more content…
What makes you a worthwhile helper? I believe what makes me a worthwhile helper is that I have had past experience has a staff member and feel I can bring that knowledge on to the itsJerryandHarry community. I also try to help out on the server by reporting players on the forums and helping members who have questions when a staff is not available to aid others. Why we should choose you: I believe I have potential to be a staff member on itsJerryandHarry because even though I may seem immature at times I can be strict and authoritative when it is needed, for example when someone is being disrespectful in my teamspeak channel whether they are a friend or not I will usually ask them to refrain from being rude, but if they continue I will most likely kick them. I am good in difficult situations, and I am responsible and trustworthy. I am also hardworking and will put in my full effort to assist in the community. Extra comments
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