Hsc300 Unit 9 Final Paper

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Question 2 Advances in technology drive a great amount of the change that occurs in business organizations. The competitive advantage in today 's business environment includes staying on top of technological advancements that impact your industry. Business strategies that include acquiring new technologies should be guided by best practices that consider the impact on the firm, customers, employees, vendors and other stakeholders. Dream Destinations has too many odds against them in such a competitive market and so technological changes must be implemented if they wish to satisfy their shareholders. Dream Destination goals must be revisited. Currently their main objective is a top quality serving tailor-made holiday packages and they have not been doing…show more content…
Support service must be provided through the developer or supplier of the technological product. Alternatively, monitoring and other support services for the new technology can be outsourced to a tech center that services the system. This might include support for technology infrastructure, hardware, software applications and communications. All staff should then be trained in operating the new system and customer must be made aware of the new service being offered to them before the implementation stage. Finally risk management assessments should be performed and contingency plans developed to respond to worst case scenarios as Dream Destination must be realistic about the disadvantages of implementation of new technologies and resistance to change by

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