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Health and safety at work ACT 1974 (HSWA)
Health and safety at work ACT 1974, also mentioned as the HSWA Act, the 1974 Act or HASAWA) is the most important part of act covering professional health and safety in grand Britain. The Health and Safety exclusive with local authorities, (and further implementation authorities) is liable for implementing the Act and an amount of further Acts and Legal Tools applicable to the working environments.
 Safe operation and the maintenance of the working environment
 Health and safety training for the employees of the company
 Maintenance of safe access and egress
 Safe use and the handling of equipment and the reagents/dangerous substances
 Adequate welfare provisions for the employees at
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COSHH is the useful tools of good management, which sets eight basic measures that employer, must follow. These are set out in this presentation with the simple step by step approach that will support to access risks implements any measures needed to control exposure and establish good working practices.
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health regulation is making known to and transformed in year 2002. This COSHH make available an outline to assist protects the employee in the laboratory / places of work from hazardous substances that able lead to intense health risks.
Occasionally the hazardous substances are able to use directly in the workplace. Conferring to the COSHH, essential safety measures have to be occupied. For the reason of that, COSHH additionally be able to state as a useful tool of good management. COSHH be able to apply to all the substances that are pretentious for the health of the employee.

I. Assessment of the risk.

II. Divide what precautions are required.

III. Adequately or prevent control exposure.

IV. Make certain that control measures are conserved properly.

V. Monitor the
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Its states the responsibility of each parties separately. It will be the agreement of the employee must take.

Period of contract or work time: the period of contract will clearly state. Until the period of contract, the terms and conditions are valid.

Health and safety in laboratory: the employee must be perfectly protected from any harms, as the laboratory contains many chemicals and harmful substances
Payment: the basic salary and how the employee will be paid that clearly mentioned. The increase in salary for overtime will be stated.

Place of works: the work place will clearly state, therefore both parties will clearly know where and when will be the employed and employee.

Working hours: the exact working hours of employee will clearly state. Also about the overtime and the overtime, salary plans will clearly mention.

Equality: discrimination treatment of any individual of any race, sex, or region must be prohibited.

Leave: amount of leave, which the employee can take, will be clearly mentioned and the procedure to should go through also be stated.

Working position: the working position is very important other parties must know employee working as what position and what is their works and primary

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