Hsm 542 Week 4 You Decide Week 1

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Medication issue: The CP addressed with Mrs. Navarro about the CP conversation with Dr. Freddie Marton with regards to Tyler’s medication regimen. The CP asked Mrs. Navarro if she is providing Tyler’s with his medication and her response was that she needs to do a refill and then she says, “Oh, I cannot find them since we are packing.” However, Tyler intervenes and stated that he knows where the medication is and based on Mrs. Navarro reaction, she appeared stunned. Tyler left the living room and returned with the bottle at which appears to be full. The CP glazed at Mrs. Navarro reaction and she immediately stated that she will start giving him his medication and will also considered the school nurse providing Tyler with his medication at the school. The CP discussed with Mrs. Navarro about medical neglect and encourages her to comply with her son’s medication because it …show more content…

Navarro reported that Emily is not prescribed with any medication, even though Emily wants to be prescribed to also help her with her focus span. Mrs. Navarro reported that she still in the process of scheduling an appointment for Emily with Dr. Marton. Housing: Mrs. Navarro is in the process of packing up her belongings since she is going thru an eviction. She is considering entering shelter or staying with friends and have her children stayed with their biological fathers. Mrs. Navarro asked the CP if the CP can provide her with information about entering the shelter, at which the CP agreed to do so. Mentoring Program: The CP provided Mrs. Navarro with information about SCR and mentoring programs for Tyler to explore. Mrs. Navarro reported that she enrolled Tyler and Sidney for the PAL afterschool program, but Tyler refuses to attend-so, the child’s application is placed on hold, according to Mrs. Navarro. Tyler was questioned as to why he is not going to the after school program and based on the child response, he could not provide a proper answer.

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