Hsun Tzu Good Vs Evil Essay

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People possess evolutionary morals that allow them to build functioning societies. These societies form the concept of good and evil, according to their needs. To tackle the question of whether human beings are innately good or evil, an understanding of these concepts are required. The definition of ‘good’ in this context is possessing moral value, the actions that are beneficial to the society and the people living in it overall. Qualities such as kindness, empathy, pity and respect are needed for a peaceful society, and are labelled as good and moral. In contrast, ‘evil’ is the actions that are tending harm to others. Societies label these actions (such as stealing, murder and rape) as immoral actions, since evil actions undermine the structure of society, and also the well-being of its…show more content…
Humanity simply considers the actions associated with positive emotions ‘good’. If his claim was true, humanity would not bother to transform the nature that they possess, it would have formed different concepts of ‘good’ and ‘evil’, and different societies. Although Hsun Tzu insists on the idea that people desire to do good because they lack it (9), people desire to do good simply because it awakens positive emotions, and these positive emotions are an effect of the evolutionary instincts they possess. Further, as Mencius suggests “everyone possesses moral senses just as they possess their four limbs.” (2A.6) However, it does not mean that human beings possess only moral senses. As Hsun Tzu suggests, “it is man’s emotional nature to desire gain.” (8) Still, it is not an evil act on its own. Evil is the act of stealing, the act of harming others, the act of

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