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In the Article “The Year of the Imaginary College Student” Hua Hsu, a teacher at Vassar University does his best to create a case to see if the tension that stems from the fault finding college students say more about those who criticize political correctness more than it does the actual situations revolving around the true state of affairs. He states that the imaginary college student is a character created by critic’s cynicism. An easy target because current students are known as being a selfish, egotistical, and entitled generation also known as the millennial generation.
Hsu sites several examples where students were seeking trigger warnings when in reality it is rarely the intention of a student or teacher to say something offensive. He tells of a hidden camera exposé where James O’Keefe a conservative activist tried to trigger a reaction from the students by creating a fake offensive situation in which a copy of the constitution was destroyed. In the article, he
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He offers the example that a current typical college student was born in the nineties, under the no child left behind educational model and that they came into the knowledge of politics on the internet. He also says that their first presidential election may involve Donald Trump and reminds us to lets kids be, that it is all just a part of growing up.
In conclusion, Psu states that nothing was ever proven by acting as though there is nothing new to learn. There is an innocent idea at the heart of student protest, it may be desperate or even gaudy, but it is never as cynical as those who caused it. Hsu says, “Today’s youth should be understood in terms of the choices available to them, not the world they’ve
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