Huawei Brand Vision

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Question 2:

Components of brand vision

I believe that setting brand vision correctly leads to customers attraction and make selling process easier. A clear defined brand help to push the business forward and can help people, employees in the organisation and customers to engage in the business. Since brand vision and values help to attract customer personally and emotionally and create loyalty. Brand vision inform the operation and push employees to understand their role and how to overcome the urgent challenges. And help to determine the suitable business strategies to bread required outcomes. It gives the direction for the company.
Cheranatony (2001) mentioned that there are three components of brand vision: brand value, brand future
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It started by setting its great vision to grow globally and build its brand. It aims to be an enabler of digital logistic and build cooperation with industry partners and this is supported by Chong (2013) mention that Huawie's vision “To enrich life through communication”, Huawei has earned a reputation as one of the most dynamic, fastest-growing, innovative multinational technology companies''.

Huawie did hard efforts to become as a global brand by acquiring their customer respect and recognition strategy and this is supported by Chong (2013) mentioned that'' Huwaei has developed capabilities across carrier network, enterprise and consumer fields''. I believe it did different activities to enhance its expansion. Huawie entered the global market and experienced the other brands
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From my point of view the conducting partnership and alliances strategies help Huawei to strengthen its position in Oman and enable it to spread Huawei's products broadly and this is supported by NTS (2015), it mentioned that Huawie products which are marketed by Omantel, such as different type of Modems and Smart Phones and Tabs. For example; Friendi Mobile items are marketed these items by it’s distributors and number of dealers across the Sultanate through network of dealers across. The products supplied to Omantel are: Huawei's USB modem , ADSL modem , Wifi modem , Huawei LTE (4G) modem , Huawei Repeater , Huawei Smart Phones and Huawei Mediapad

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