Huawei International Marketing Strategy

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With the globalization of the markets, international markets become more and more important for the company. The huge worldwide profit attracts many companies want to enter the foreign market, but only a few of them survived and achieved success, Huawei is one of them.
To better understand what the multinational companies can do for successfully enter the foreign market, we need to know why firms want to market oversea first:
1.Increase sales to get more profit;
2.Move the factory to a lower cost place to reduce cost;
3.The huge need in another market;
4.To gain marketshare
5.The keep increasing competitive demands;
6.Impact of E-commerce
7.Development of non-traditional exports
8.Corporate vision and confidence
The right international strategy
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Clarify the international marketing strategy that Huawei used can help other companies gain an important experience for their future expansion. This part presents the review of the post literature on international marketing strategy to help us understand which kind of international marketing strategy is better for the firms when they want to do business in the international market, and what will be the key element for entering an international market.
As these different chapters I identified, the firms need to consider the location of target market, customer behavior, cultural environment, economic environment, competitors, how to enter the foreign market and understand the consumption tendency of customers in host countries, which kind of channel the firm would like to use, should the company change their product or the way of service and which approach the firms can use to analyze the international environment to help them understand well the difficulty they are
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(2014) said Internationalization simply means spreading economic activities outside the boundaries of the home economy, which gives rise to quantitative changes which, in turn, lead to a more extensive geographical organization of economic activities. Julien and Eric (2008) thought that the international marketing is only about the technology. Isabel & Robin (2008) mentioned that there are 2 main differences when a company moves from a domestic to an international market. First, there are different levels at which international marketing can be approached. Second, the uncontrollable elements of the marketing environment are more complex and multidimensional given the multiplicity of markets that constitute the global marketplace.
Since the lack of knowledge of international market, the companies often face several challenges:
Economic instability
Because of the diversity of international markets, the economic instability is an inevitable consequence. I summary the main factors that may influence the economy as below:
[1] The aftermath of economic recession in 2007-2008
After the economic recession, the stock market has dropped worldwide. The international trade declined and the economic activity was going down over a long period. In that time, a lot of company went
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