Huawei Supply Chain Analysis

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A review of supply chain management technology for HUAWEI Group
With the rapid development of science and technology, information technology and increasing globalization, the business environment becomes increasingly complex and uncertain, manufacturers must be more effectively manage the supply chain to improve the efficiency and speed of response to market demand. Supply chain management is becoming another important way for enterprises to gain competitive. This article introduces three supply chain technologies in Huawei: lean process, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), warehouse management system (wms). Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. was founded in 1987, specializes in the research communications network technology and product
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To meet diverse customer demand and quick response capability Huawei have become an important way to build their international competitiveness. Therefore, how to meet customer demand, rapid delivery of low cost, it has become an important factor in the use of lean manufacturing operations to improve efficiency within the enterprise. In 2006, Huawei began to hire Japanese Lean consulting company as a consultant to implement lean processes. The same time the company set up a project team of Huawei production systems, under the guidance of Japanese consultants, began to study the Toyota Production System and Lean processes. They status of the company 's manufacturing system foundation. Huawei lean design and planning process. It is the basis of the implementation of Lean process is to instill lean thinking to employees, visual management, standard operating procedures and stable production. By promoting Lean process, to fully exploit the potential of the enterprise, the rational allocation of corporate resources, improve the production process control, reduce inventory and improve product quality. Through customized to meet diverse needs, Huawei has a sustainable competitive advantage in the international…show more content…
And to adapt to a variety of custom made these new services, but the supply chain marked with various patches, so that the whole process and the system is more complex and less efficient. This is the problem faced by Huawei 's supply chain. Huawei has been trying to improve in all these years, such as the end-to-end process improvement (not over), which is part of the efforts. Thus,to use of supply chain technology is an important factor in the enterprise can have
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