Huawei Swot Analysis

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SWOT analysis of Huawei Strength • Huawei has communication equipment manufacturing industry 's most comprehensive product line, can provide the industry the most complete end-to-end solutions and "one-stop" services, eliminating the compatibility between the different devices, not only improve the utilization rate of equipment, also save debugging time, create value for the user. • Product cost-effective, fast delivery. Huawei 's global 48% of workers engaged in research and development work, as R&D spending will not be less than 10% of annual sales, these ensure the company 's leading technology and reserves, at the same time, due to Huawei 's human resource cost is lower than the developed countries, the product is much cheaper than.…show more content…
More than 30 years China 's sustained high growth thanks to elements of dividend, the market reform dividends and dividend globalization of huge contribution. Along with the gradual attenuation of the three big bonuses, however, China relies mainly on the high-speed growth of low-cost advantage to return to normal gradually, the cycle of "big into a" development mode also seems to be coming to an end. In 2011, is the beginning of China 's new "five-year plan", is also the fork in the road of China 's economic transformation, potential for China 's economic development over the next five years, what advantage can dig the most important strategic issues of economic development. The change of the current global economic pattern let us review and adjust the road to future growth. Monetary easing from the external development environment, the global economy, the government, overdraw, structural imbalance, the dollar, commodity prices, inflation and deflation, a variety of factors such as capital flows, this will make the future more complicated situation to the global economy, especially in the major developed economies rely heavily on policy stimulus, and there is no effective follow-up to promote the structural adjustment of medium-term growth and long-term follow-up policy under the premise of the future of the global economy is still difficult to get rid of the low speed growth track, China still suffer from external impact and challenges. But in terms of the opportunities brought about by the crisis, the financial crisis in China, in addition to the adjustment of economic structure, development of engine, but also from the global economy and ecological reconstruction in the process of China 's economy, is currently China 's economic development strategy of outside-in three important adjustment and change the important opportunity.China 's economy since 1952. In the past 30 years, China
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