Huck Finn And Cyrus Comparison

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If I was to discover that I were to be unwound based on a decision my parents had made, I will feel both betrayed and heartbroken. In this position, I would try to escape and to live a new life in a far place. Though if I could not either escape or go along with it, I would gather other unwinds and protest against the present laws of the Bill of Life, to make others understand that unwinding is awful.

2. If I discovered I was in an accident or had a rare disease, and the only cure is by taking an unwinds organs to replace my damaged ones, I would feel uncomfortable. Although, I would also be very thankful, considering how, though with force, they gave their organs to save others.
With remorse I would willingly receive the organs, even
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There are similarities and differences from Lev’s journey with Cyrus to Joplin Missouri, in Unwind to Huck’s journey with Jim down the Mississippi River in novel Huckleberry Finn. The similarities in both novels are that both are about two boys/men, though different in color, are similar in many other ways, in which they create a special relationship with each other. In both stories, both characters are heading to place where they will find understanding and peace, such as why Cyrus had traveled to Missouri to explain the unfinished business of the donor’s organ that lies with him. They both grow as people develop new beliefs. Though there are differences, such as in Huckleberry Finn, Huck’s an african american slave escaping. In novel Unwind, Cyrus is free and is not called “black” or “african american” but goes by the name of Umber. Also, another difference is that in the beginning of the Huckleberry Finn story Jim disliked Huck and even wanted to turn him in to the authorities, but in Unwind both Cyrus and Lev bonded right away and became…show more content…
Also the people will live out of fear, and if the Bill of Life is focused on saving lives, why is by killing the lives of others.

13. There are many euphemisms in the novel Unwind such as how they say “Harvest Camp” for “unwinding facilities”, and “living in a divided state” instead of saying “being unwound”. Commonly used euphemisms that we use today are passed away, or put to sleep meaning, dead. Also the euphemism for living on the streets, is homeless, and big-boned as the term for overweight. I believe that the people of today use euphemisms is because they do not want to offend others by being to direct, so they use euphemisms to get there point across but not in a harsh way.

14. In the novel, unwinding becomes a big business in which they make money while the population looks the other way, and avoids where the source comes from. There are situations today where ethics have been compromised because of money or because its easier not to think about. Such examples are that of the cutting down trees for our many purposes which destroys animals homes and our environment. Also by powering factories to make products, releases toxic fumes into our atmosphere. I predict that in the future greed and denial will defeat moral when the government continues to dump oil into the sea which will completely contaminate it and kill all sea
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