Huck Finn Argumentative Essay

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Huck is bigger than his journey down the mississippi. A perfect example that Huck changed throughout the journey is when Jim said this about him: "Dah you goes, de ole true Huck; de on 'y white genlman dat ever kep ' his promise to ole Jim" (87 Twain). Huck is making promises to a black man, and keeping them? This is rare to find during this time period. A white person treating a black person equally was completly agaisnt the ‘rule’ of white America. Huck does not see Jim as a slave anymore he sees Jim as a friend and he treats him like a friend. Huck would of never done this at the begning of his journey or when he found out Jim is a runaway. He evolved his morality, Twain finished the book after the civil war he did not believe in slavery it …show more content…

Huck’s real journey was not on the outside it was on the inside which is contrary to Juilly journey in underground to canada which was to litteraly flee slavery. At the ending and throughout his journey Huck showed us the central themes of these two novels perserversance, responsibility and moral awakening.

Julilly in Underground to Canada is on a much different journey than Huck. Her journey happens on the outside not on the inside. This a big difference between the main characters: Huck Finn and Julilly. Julilly is searching for freedom. She is a slave and Barbara Smucker shows us the harsh reality of what is was like being a slave. She has just been sold down to a much more cruel plantation and she is trying to escape. On her journey to Canada she must outrun slave hunters, hide her scent from hunting dogs and try not to freeze to death. By doing this she becomes a much stronger person and she gains more confidence and finds courage to save herself. Her journey is symbolic to life in general because everyone has demons some people are born into tough situations she outran all of those things in search of a better

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