Huck Finn Becoming Civilized Analysis

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Why Becoming Civilized? It the beginning of the story, Huck doesn't seem to like the idea of becoming civilized, until the Widow Douglas wants to help him, he started to like it, but things got difficult for him. Society is not going to accept the way he is starting to think. Miss Watson, the widow's sister is trying to encourage Huck to become a civilized kid, but Huck doesn't seem to understand the way of how she wants him to be is going to help him. Pap, Huck's father doesn't support the idea of having Huck educated because he doesn't want his son to be superior. It is very difficult for Huck to get used to a life that he never had, which is agreeing with society's rules. He lived almost all his childhood as a homeless kid, wondering around nature where facing no rules or obligations. The only bad thing about him being so disconnected from society is that he is always feeling lonely and depressed. It is understandable that he feels this way because neither his mom or his father is there to take care of him or show affection. Society thinks that Huck's father is dead, but Huck can't believe it because of the way that people describe how the body is laying in the river. Huck can't stand the idea of having someone taking care of him or trying to civilized him because he seems to have his own opinion about slavery, racism, and morality, and more importantly he knows how to survive.…show more content…
What he usually does is hunting and fishing. Huck seems to be tired of having someone controlling
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