Huck Finn Character Analysis Essay

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The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain is a novel set during the 1800’s before the Civil War. The story is set to take place approximately fifty years prior to the novel’s publication. A Mississippi River town, St. Petersburg, Missouri is the main setting of this tale, although various other places are mentioned throughout the novel, including landmarks along the river and up throughout Arkansas. Huck Finn, narrator and protagonist of the story, is a teenage boy succumbed to the unfortunate flaws of society. Being a son of a local drunk, Huck Finn is often forced to survive based on his own smarts and resources. Huck encounters a variety of characters throughout the course of the novel most notably Tom Sawyer, Jim, Widow Douglas, Miss Watson, and Pap. Tom Sawyer is Huck’s acclaimed best friend who acts as a foil character for Huck Finn. Huck possesses imaginative qualities,…show more content…
The main characters overall seem quite likable, Huck and Jim being the most well liked within the tale. Although this tale seems a tad far fetched it is an intriguing read. The plot seems impossibly unrealistic because it is incredibly difficult to envision a world where a teenage boy is able to fake his own death and live off of the bare minimum for such a long period of time. The obscure nature of this tale is actually what draws me to want to read it. I enjoy the Southern dialect utilized within the dialogue because it makes the novel authentic. This choppy way of speaking is written exactly how Twain intended for it to be spoken, which allows the reader to vividly depict the scenes in their heads. Heartbreaking and heartwarming aspects of the novel showcase the plot’s diversity and in turn attracts me to this tale even more. The character development enables the audience to grow with the story’s stars and forces those who read it to become emotionally attached and invested, which is its final gravitating
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