Huck Finn Character Analysis

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Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in 1885. The story itself takes place in 1830 in the southern part of America where most of the slave states were. Jim was a slave who was owned by Ms. Watson and her family. He was very superstitious about the world around him. Jim was quite an important character because he broke many stereotypes a slave would generally keep to themselves. He helped a wounded a 12 year old white boy as he risked himself getting caught as a runaway slave. He also was a father figure to Huck; also a 12 year old white boy; as he taught him the right way in life. Jim displayed wisdom and guidance for Huck. Even if they were both achieving the same goal of freedom. Jim was described as a father figure towards Huckleberry Finn in the book. As they went on adventures, Jim was always looking out for Huck for any possibly harm. "It 's a dead man... Come in, Huck, but doan ' look at his face-- it 's too gashly," (Twain 60). This quote from the book shows Jim shielding and protecting Huck from looking at a dreadful scene. Jim is willing to risk his freedom in order to save Tom Sawyer from being in more danger from the gun shot than he already was. "Go on en save me, nemmine 'bout a doctor f 'r to save dis one," (Twain 318). He feels sympathy towards Tom even though Tom is making Jim 's life a little more miserable from all the adventures which caused Jim to be captured one too many times. Jim was a character who brought the best out of Huck. He
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