Huck Finn Comparison

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Comparison: My Life to Huck Finn’s Throughout my life, there have been numerous occasions in which I haven’t felt completely free to do what it is I want. Much like Huck, I would often try to sneak away from my house to explore. I can’t remember a time that I actually got away with it, but I would always try nonetheless. However, it never felt like I was being forced into a way of life like Huck was. Huck had it much harder, and grew up in a more harsh condition than what I was put into. In the book, it is told to us that Huck hates the life the widow makes him live. With the proper mannerisms he isn’t used to, the boring routines, my childhood wasn’t much different from his. Though I have more freedoms now, I was confined to a small house growing up. It was once in a blue moon I was ever allowed to go exploring with friends, and we never went very far even when we did. It was only when I went camping that I was happy with my life. My parents would let me roam around and…show more content…
We grew up in different parts of the States, Huck being from the Southeast and I the Southwest. The difference in era is also a huge factor. Huck was alive when slavery was still considered an acceptable practice, while in today’s world it is outlawed and opposed by the general population. Because he was around back then, Huck viewed it as more acceptable than how I do. I don’t think it is morally correct in any way, shape, or form. That is one of the key factors that make us differ, I believe. Huck Finn lived in a truly exciting way, and lived the dream of any young child: being free and without rules. I only ever partially accomplished that, but I was hopeful nonetheless. Huck had a range of skills available to him, while I was still only learning. I never got to explore as much as he was able to, but he didn’t enjoy the luxuries I have in this day and age. We were different, yet similar in so many
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