Huckleberry Finn Analysis

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Huckleberry Finn is a story about a boy named Huck Finn, who grew up in a household, with an abusive drunk of a father, after his mother died at an early stage in his life. The story takes place in St. Petersburg, Missouri during the 1840 's. This was a time in which slavery, in America, was accepted. In one particular scene of the story, Huck 's father expresses his disapproval towards his son getting an education. He feels that Finn shouldn 't have anything he didn 't have, such as getting an education. Huck 's father believes his son is trying to change into someone he isn 't. This story is full of irony, which leads to a whirlwind of strange series of events. Mark Twain wrote a story full of unlikely scenarios, which makes the story difficult to comprehend, at times. Mark Twain purposely wrote this story with poor English, due to the fact that he was telling the story in the perspective of Huck Finn. He also did this to signify the validity of the story. He wrote his story using similar colloquial, that may have been used during the 1840 's, in…show more content…
In this review, the critic states that the story "…warranted a certain cure for the "blues." This quote essentially says that Mark Twain 's story was a sigh of relief, during these times of turmoil, especially amongst African and white Americans. The book was full of wit and humor, which helped readers to make light of such serious situations. In the Boston Daily Advertiser 's critique of the book, a note from the author is mentioned, which warns the reader not to take offense to the story. The critic adds this part, in order to clarify the idea that Twain 's story was greatly influenced by negative events. African Americans were treated unfairly, which is reflected in the storyline. The unlikely friendship between Jim and Finn would have been significant during 1885. The book is full of irony and
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