Huck Finn Dialectical Journal

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It was a chilly brisk afternoon with Huck as I had been drunk most of last night and I didn’t feel right this morning. I told Huck to head to the river to get some fish to bring to town to sell and bring in some extra cash for us to spend. “Don’t stand there palavering all day but out with you and see if there's a fish on the lines for breakfast”(Chapter 6 Pap’s Downfall Page 37) Huck had told me the day before he weren’t rich but I shot back him at him soon after. “I hain’t heard nothing about you bein rich. I heard about it away down the river,too. That’s why I come. You git me that money to-morrow I want it”(Chapter 5 Pap’s Downfall Page 25). Right after Huck left he was furious at me but I didn’t seem to care. After awhile I had wondered …show more content…

Huck still managed to get five catfish in the shore which was a good haul for the day. A few moments later I told Huck that we had to go fetch some logs to bring back to town to also bring a little extra cash and we managed to grab 9 logs from the dense woods covered in brush and pines and branches. I told Huck to “Git up! (Chapter 7 Pap’s Downfall Page 35) and go get washed up and ready for dinner which was to be prepared over the warm flaming stove by …show more content…

I arrived at town about 30 minutes later and I was quite exhausted from the day but knew my work was not finished. I got off and first went to the local fisherman and found one of my good friends that I trade with. Him and myself stirred up a nice conversation about what each of us had caught that day and how the fish were on the river. He gave me 50 dollars for my 5 catfish and then I moved on the short walk to the local lumber yard to give up my 9 logs which I had helped carry and I managed to acclaim 100 dollars for my ever so nice logs. I happened to run into some more good friends and then I continued to get to my raft where I would happen to take another half hour nap until I heard another skift pass me. I wondered who that could be at this late at night but it was sure not to be Huck as he could not have escaped and was probably asleep by now. As I was approaching home something didn’t seem right in the cabin as I saw an opening in the house which was not normal. Oh my the look on my face when I saw the cabin I nearly passed out right there on the floor.. The house was empty everything gone blood everywhere I thought Huck had been shot or

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