Huck Finn Father Figure Analysis

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Father Figure of Huck Finn Huck needed a parent figure, especially a father figure. Many sons look up to their fathers at this age because sons are supposed to be the ones to take over their father’s jobs and take care of their family’s once their “old man” is no longer able. During this time, most of men who have son’s looking up to them, don’t care about how they are perceived through their son’s eyes. They will do anything they want whether it’s good or bad and their children will follow in their exact footsteps. There are few father figures for Huck Finn. The two main males that are seen in the novel are Pap, Huck’s white biological father and Jim, an escaped slave. Jim, has a nurturing nature that creates a positive influence over Huck…show more content…
They made him attend school, do his homework, taught him the bible and even bought him nicer clothes. This happened because no one knew where his father Pap was, this was reoccurring. They had restrictions on things he could do and couldn’t do. Widow Douglas and her sister Miss Watson, were the very different in raising Huck. Miss. Watson was the old strict one while Widow Douglas was the younger less strict guardian. Miss Watson was very religious and made Huck always pray about things in his life. Huck wasn’t fond of all the religiousness that was going on in that household and this all happened once he found out Moses was dead. “…so when I couldn’t stand it no longer, I lit out. I got into my old rags, and my sugar-hogshead again, and was free and satisfied….” (page 9). This quote expresses how badly Huck didn’t want to have a parent figure in his life and wanted to set off by himself until Tom Sawyer stopped him and convinced him to go back to Widow Douglas. Widow Douglas and Miss Watson just weren’t a good fit for Huck. They both did all the right things by making him go to school and clean up himself, but that wasn’t what Huck was looking for. He grew up differently being around Pap and this was going to be a huge and hard change in his little
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