Huck Finn Freedom Analysis

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Mark Twain gives the readers a sense of freedom in his book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Mark Twain Portrays the sense of freedom through his characters Jim and Huck, in the entire book they are fighting for their freedom. In their fight for freedom they come across various people who are an obstacle in their journey. These people that Jim and Huck meet are a depiction of the American society and the government. Yes, I do agree that Mark Twain is pessimistic towards the American society and government even though there is a sense of freedom present in the book. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a satire that Mark Twain had written with the motive to correct the vices of the American Society and government. Mark Twain was not…show more content…
Although it is not clearly shown that Twain was not fond of drunkenness, but in some parts of the books the consequences of drinking is portrayed. For instance, the King sells Jim for forty dollars and uses the money to get drunk. This depicts how the king had no morals; he sold a human being so that he could buy himself a pint of alcohol. Another example from the book The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is ‘He [Boggs] was drunk, and weaving about in his saddle; he was over fifty year old, and had a red face…he’d come to town to kill old colonel Sherburn…And so he went on calling Sherburn everything he could lay his tongue to…He [Sherburn] says to Boggs… “I’m tired of this; but I’ll endure it till one o’clock”…Boggs rode off blackguarding Sherburn as loud as he could yell, all down the street. He cussed away, with all his might. ‘In this part of the book Boggs gets killed by the Colonel and the crowd that was around to view the little stunt Boggs and pulled had all disappeared. This furthermore shows how getting drunk can cause nothing but trouble for everyone and how the society does nothing to help Boggs or to punish the Colonel for killing a man. From this it can also be seen how justice never prevailed in the case of Boggs and the people who were swindled out of their money, the law had done nothing to help the innocent people. Mark Twain is pessimistic towards the law because from the book it can be seen
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