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One of the people Twain doesn’t admire is The King because he portrays him as a river con man who claims to be a dissapeared heir to the French Throne who also takes control of Huck and Jim’s raft. Pap would be another character who is not admirable because he treated his son worse than a slave owner treated a slave. The Duke is also portrayed as a bad man because he is The King’s side-kick who is also a con man. The Shepherdsons were also a group of unadmirable people because they shot Buck Grangerford along with his family. Mrs. Loftus is a little bit unadmirable because she didn’t let Huck have any of her food or things that he was in need of.
Greed was one of the main motivations for The King and The Duke because they could have escaped
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This river is the main setting because it was important for Jim and Huck and it was their escape to the world the left behind and to the new lives ahead. The river represents freedom for Huck and Jim and it also symbolizes time.
Twain’s attitude against racism and slavery is that he is against it. The read could infer this when there were scenes that showed Huck feeling bad for Jim when Jim was in trouble. The readers could also tell that Twain was against slavery when is showed Huck helping Jim out so many times. Huck risked his own life to save Jim’s life multiple times
The Mississippi River truly provides the ultimate freedom. They’ve spent a lot of time on the raft to try to get to freedom which is why Mississippi River symbolizes freedom. Huck considers “civilization” to be unnatural because he doesn’t like it when people tell him what to do, how to act, and how to
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This novel teaches so many people and just because something think it’s racist doesn’t mean it needs to get charged. Huckleberry Finn is too good of a novel to get charges because it truly teaches life lessons.
Jim’s American dream is being a free man and no longer a slave. The American dream slowly gets achieved in this novel because at the end of the novel it seems as if the blacks slowly start getting treated better. Because of Mr.s Watson’s death, her will said that Jim will be turned into a free man. Which is a slow start into the American dream but slowly progressing is better than not progressing at all.
I don’t think there are any similarities between Jim and Pap besides the fact that they are both Humans. Jim cares for Huck as if he were his own son while Pap was willing to kill his own song for money. Jim thought of other first while Pap only cared for

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