Huck Finn Hero Analysis

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In stage two, the hero goes into their journey portion of the quest in which transformation of the individual occurs. Within this stage, the Road of Trials are commenced. It is a “series of trials and tribulation the hero goes through in order to develop the necessary skills and traits it takes to become the hero” as according to the Discovering the Monomyth powerpoint presentation by Marc Bray. Huckleberry Finn underwent a series of 4 trials in which he gained the traits and skills to become the hero. One of the trials he underwent was when he got separated from Jim and the raft. When he comes back, Huck learns a lesson that he should never lie to Jim. This revelation comes after when he comes back, Huck tells Jim after Jim asks him where he was and Huck said “What’s the matter with…show more content…
To confront the temptation, a hero seeks atonement in thus they must come to terms with past actions and seek forgiveness from a authority figure or loved one. Huck asks for forgiveness from Jim when he lies to him about being in the fog as stated before, in which Huck realizes that Jim cares about him more than anyone in his life. The final two steps in this stage include the apotheosis and the ultimate boon. The hero’s final transformation is related to the apotheosis in which the hero unites all of their character traits. Huck’s apotheosis is when he tears up the letter to Watson, Jim’s slave owner, about where Jim is after he is captured thus turning him in. He says “Alright then, I’ll go to hell” on page 132 of the book which shows that he is willingly taking Jim, a friendship he has made, over hell. The final step in stage two is The Ultimate Boon. This final step in the hero’s action stage is where the hero, after completing their objectives or accomplishing their goals, they get a treasure or price. The prize is not fully appreciated without the return, which is the 3rd
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