Huck Finn Pap Character Analysis

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How can a father be extremely abusive to his son that did nothing to deserve this abuse? Alcohol can turn someone into an abusive person, even if that person does not want to be abusive. Being an abuser comes in different forms. Pap is a character that had a son who was abused by Pap, both physically and mentally. In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the character Pap is an alcoholic father, an abusive father, and he does not want to turn his life around for Huck. Being alcoholic is one thing, but being an abusive alcoholic is another thing. Pap was a man who became a drunk alcoholic. When he started to drink, he could not control the way he acted. His alcohol became so bad that “Pap, as always, is looking for money to buy whisky”
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