Huck Finn Textual Analysis

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In Mark Twain's novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn”, Huck evolves from an improper, troubled kid, into a young adult throughout the course of the book. I’m sure that many of people could be against my view, but i believe that as the book progresses, Huck learns to grow up and become a young adult all by himself. Evidence that supports my opinion is as follows, “ I wish i’d never laid eyes on it. I wish i’d never seen that snake skin” (Twain 90). This shows that Huck is maturing because he starts regretting playing the cruel snake-prank on Jim. In the beginning you could almost tell that Jim and Huck were not that close but as the book progresses onward you can see Huck change his feelings towards Jim. The textual evidence supports why and how Huck has somewhat slowly grown up in the book. In Continuation, Huck is maturing all on his own as he travels down the Mississippi River. Another piece of evidence that show his progress is,“ I says to myself, this is just another one that i’m letting him rob her of her money. And when she got…show more content…
The evidence that has been provided shows that Huck is slowly turning into a mature adult. Given Huck’s living situation in the beginning of the book, he was surrounded by two completely opposites. Pap and Mrs. Watson. Mrs Watson is very religious and would tell Huck to act more responsible. Pap on the other hand, is a mean, non-religious drunk, who could care less for his son. So despite having Pap as a father, Huck matures the most when he leaves and goes off on his own. However, more evidence can be explained. When Jim and Huck are traveling down river, they come across slave hunters. Huck could turn Jim into them and continue on, but he knows deep down that, that wouldn't be the right thing to do and that he would feel guilt for doing so. Overall, as a result from the quotes that were provided, Huck matured into a nice young man almost all on his
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