Huckleberry Finn Appearance Vs Reality Analysis

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Appearance vs Reality Some of the major themes of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn are appearance vs reality. Huck fakes his own death. The king goes to a church revival and acts like a pirate from the Indian Ocean and he has changed. Both of the examples should be explored more. The reason why Huck fakes his death is to get away from his Pap. Huck's Pap has taken him from the city back to his cabin in the woods. Pa p is a real bad drunkard and abuses him bad. Huck is getting tired of it. So when his Pap leaves to go to town. He comes up with a plan to get out. He is going to fake his death. “I says to myself, they’ll follow the track of the sackful of rocks to the shore and then drag the river for me. And they’ll follow that meal track…show more content…
He goes to a church revival and acts like a pirate that has just got out of a war in the Indian Ocean and his crew has all died and he was robbed and was poor as dirt. He is just as happy as can be for it to. He said he was a changed man for the better. He wants to work and save up the money to go back to the Indian Ocean and witness to those pirates that are lost. That no one can do it better than him because he knows all of them. The church just cries out give him money. “I am going to put the rest of his life trying to turn the pirates into the true path; for he could do it better than anybody else, being acquainted with all pirate crews in that ocean; and though it would take him a long time to get there with no money, he would get there anyway, and every time he convinced a pirate he would say to him “don't you think me , don't you give me credit; it all belongs to them dear people in pokeville camp-meeting, natural brothers and benefactors of the race, and that dear preacher there, the truest friend a pirate ever had!” (Twain 128) Huck fake his own death and gets away with it. He trashes the cabin to make it look like a robber stole everything and killed huck The king is the biggest fraud that ever lived. By acting like a pirate. That is poor and wants to go back to the ocean to change all the other pirates for
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