Huckleberry Finn Chapter Summary

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Chapter 18: Huck really likes and adores Mr. Grangerford, and also the rest of the family, He believes the whole family is nice and respectful. The book also says he thinks the Grangerford women and girls are very pretty and beautiful as well. They reveal that unfortunately, three of their sons have died. The other family in town is the Shepherdsons and the town is not big enough for both of them. One day when Huck and Buck are on a walk, they see the young Harney Shepherdson. Buck tries to shoot him while hiding in the bushes, so he is not seen. The reason these two families are fighting is because about 30 years ago, a Shepherdson shot Buck’s 14 year-old cousin to death. After they get home, Sophia, on of the Grangerford daughters, says she left her prayer book at church, and tells Huck to go get it. The book has a note and it says half-past two. Huck does not know what it means, but he knows that something is up. They find out the note meant that Sophia ran away to marry a Shepherdson at half-past two. Later, Huck’s slave reunites him with Jim, and he tells Huck about the raft and how he is being fed. He then goes into the woods and finds Buck and his cousin in a shooting with the…show more content…
Huck helps them hide by welcoming them on board. One of them is around 70, and the other looks like he is in his 30’s. It turned out that they did not really know each other. They were both running away from a similar problem, so they decided to team up. The man who was around 30 sold toothpaste that took the enamel off of peoples teeth and the other man was in charge of a “Temperance Revival Meeting”, but he found out that he really liked to drink. The younger man tells them he is the Duke of Bridgewater, and the elder one says he is King Louis XVII of France. Huck uses a lesson he learned from his father and decides to go along with it. It is better if they have less problems on their
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