Huckleberry Finn Christ Figure Analysis

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In ABC’s Once Upon a Time, numerous sacrifices persist due to the unwavering connection between friends and family. Robinhood demonstrated true sacrifice after diving in front of a spell on route to strike his love; a spell that would obliterate the soul as though it never existed. Even though Robin had a strong son and a daring daughter to raise, he sacrificed himself to allow Regina a chance at life, for she had attempted to set herself on a better path. Sacrifice remains a key characteristic in determining a Christ figure. In The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Jim is a Christ figure. As a Christ figure, Jim sacrifices himself for others’ welfare. Jim sacrificed his fidelity to protect Huck’s innocence. When Jim and Huck boarded the floating house, Jim entered first and he noticed a dead man with a gunshot in his back. Jim quickly recognized the face of Huck’s Pap, covered it up,…show more content…
Even though their gullibility surpasses most due to their trust in others, it is important to see the benevolence in them and acknowledge their eminent qualities. We need to recognize the support Christ figures in our lives give us and strive to become better not only for them, but for ourselves. It remains significant to celebrate those who cognate with Jim and support everyone no matter the cost. Jim is a Christ Figure as seen in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Jim sacrifices his fidelity when he covers Pap’s face for Huck, sacrifices his sleep for Huck’s rest, and he sacrifices his freedom for Tom’s health. Jim portrays his wisdom when he takes care of his snake bite, when he indicates various signs of luck, and when he protected both himself and Huck by sending a slave to communicate for them. Not only does sacrifice remain relevant in fairytales, but in everyday life as represented by the Christ figures around
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