Huckleberry Finn Conscience And Morality Essay

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In a person’s life, their conscience and morality influences the actions they take and their perspective on life or society. Conscience is the intuition of understanding the differences between what is right and wrong. In relation to conscience, morality is the principle of distinguishing the right and wrongs. These ideas of right or wrong can be involved in ideas, physical actions, verbal actions, and judgements. In a novel written by Mark Twain called The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, the main character, Huckleberry Finn is portrayed as a young boy developing and progressing in terms of his morality and conscience while going on a journey with an African American slave named Jim. Throughout the adventurous journey, Huck matures greatly in terms of conscience and morality through the concepts of lies, courage, self sacrifice, and cheating. Throughout Huck’s journey, Huck had to live without a proper family leading him to be independent and courageous. The quote, “The judge and the widow went to law to get the court to take me away…show more content…
Huck has learned to form his own decisions, develop a better understanding of his morals and conscience, and form a bond with Jim who is now as close as a family member. Through Huck’s journey, he has significantly demonstrated growth in maturity through concepts such as self sacrifice, cheating, lying, and courage. So what? Why even care? Well, through one’s life their character and personality are hugely influenced by the morals and conscience that person has. As a result these two concepts define a person no matter what society teaches them. In Huck’s case, he contradicted everything that his society implemented into his thoughts by helping Jim. All in all, through such a marvelous expedition, Huckleberry was able to portray such significant growth in his maturity through the ideas of conscience and
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