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If I had the pleasure to meet the author of The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain. I would casually talk to him and ask him questions that we (as a class) didn’t understand about the book in general. My first question to Mark twain would be why did you include the start of the book where it says, do not find a motive? Was that just for comical purposes? This would be my first question because it is one of the questions that as a class on our first Socratic circle we debated about. As a class, we couldn’t come up with a reason to why he wrote this part of the book. I would ask him a lot of other questions that indirectly relate to the book. The second question would be what inspired this book? Which character do you most relate to?…show more content…
Some of the examples that show the development of the book would be how in the beginning he kind of respected Jim. He objected to pranking Jim but he pranked him by putting his hat on the top of the tree. Later in the book when Huck found out that Jim was gone he cried. This showed that his emotions developed throughout the book. There were a lot of other things how Huck developed in Huckleberry Finn. In general, I liked seeing Huck develop throughout the book. There was one simple question that I would ask mark twain is about Huck’s character. Who was his mother? This question is simple but if the book gave a little insight about his mother. In the book to be honest I was asking myself where did huck get his ideas and how is he adventurous and he is not like his drunk dad, Pap. After we would talk about the whole book I would end the conservation with the intense topic of the “N-word”. Firstly, I would tell him that black people are not slaves and that there is no slavery in general. This would come to shock to him because he lived in a period where having and owning a slave was the social norm. I would tell him that people all around the world are censoring the book because of the excess uses of the

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