Huckleberry Finn Freedom Analysis

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Freedom has many different meaning and mean different things to people. Freedom could be getting your licence, going to college, or just moving out of your parents house. There are two main types of freedoms: Freedom of the mind and Freedom from being owned. Both of these are found in the book Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Like freedom, superstitions are found to be seen very different amongst people. Some see superstitions as fake and don’t mean anything. Others see them as truth. In Adventures of Huckleberry Finn freedom and superstitions are two critical themes in the story Huck loves the idea of freedom of the mind. He listens to what everyone tries to tell him like when Widow Douglas tells Huck about the “spiritual gifts” and explains to him the he “must help others, and do everything I could for other people, and look out for them all the time, and never think about myself…but I couldn’t see no advantage about it”(LitCharts). Hover, he just wants to roam free and do whatever he feels like doing that day. He loves just sitting down and letting his mind go round and round thinking about life and its adventures. To Jim the only freedom he wants is to be he own person and not be bossed around. Him and his family was sold and separated to due to slavery. Repeatedly he tells how he want to be free.…show more content…
It is the basic principles for the story. If there was no freedom, then why was Huck running away and faked his death. Jim would not have tried so hard to get away from his owner to start his own life with his family. Superstition was another major theme in the story. Without the superstitions that Jim believed in there would have been no explanation for all the bad luck him and Huck had. By the end of the story Huck had became a believer in the superstitions just as much as Jim did. Without these two totally different themes this story would have been lacking two major literary elements that really pulls the story
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