Huckleberry Finn Passage Analysis

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This corresponds to Huckleberry Finn and Jim’s journey of friendship throughout the novel Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain. As Huck undergoes his passage, a friendship develops between him and a pervious prisoner of man, a slave named Jim. Their paths to a more prosperous life intertwine encouraging them to support one another with companionship. Because Huck and Jim travel during the night to avoid conflict, this quote can be taken literal and symbolically. As they continue on, Huck endures various challenges and achievements as he transforms through the Hero’s Journey, a concept by Joseph Campbell. Because Huck must encounter several trials, the relationship between the two optimistic travelers is tested by blunt jokes, lies, and sacrifices throughout the novel.To begin, Huck’s attempted practical joke on Jim backfires on him. His Temptation is triggered by the overall enjoyment he projects to receive when Jim fearfully finds the dead snake in his bed. However, the snake’s mate ends up slithering into the Jim’s bed too. As Jim craws into…show more content…
Therefore, throughout the novel, their sacrifices have strengthened the relationship between them. In conclusion, the bond between Huck and Jim transforms into a friendship. However, they had to overcome many obstacles to obtain their companionship. This includes trails such as overseeing social norms, equalist, and emotional acknowledgement. In other words, each time Huck tricked Jim, he acquired a greater understanding of Jim’s feelings. Although, his pranking actions soon changed in the end. Thus, Huck viewed Jim as an equal and ignored the social pressured around him that viewed Jim otherwise. Therefore, their journey together laid the foundation for them to build their friendship on. In the end, Huck gained a companion and learned that its worthwhile to walk with your friend in the dark than to travel alone in the
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