Huckleberry Finn Nature Vs Civilization Essay

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In the novel the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain there are extreme distinctions throughout the book between nature and civilization. Nature, in contrast to society’s inappropriate mentality, is an almost heaven-like scenery that is “cool and fresh and sweet… and everything [smiles] in the sun”(119). Civilization, on the other hand, is a thoughtless and destructive setting surrounded by faulty logic and degraded rules where the people actually believe they live in a perfectly harmonized society but are oblivious to the prejudice slave owners, inequality, drunken fights, persecutions of frivolous but not serious crimes, and happily are quick to participate in executions. Mark twain depicts the Mississippi river as a place that should be enjoyed by people and so they are able to be in…show more content…
Even though Huck and Jim did meet some nice people that helped, they were still apart of the crowd in some sort of way like being prejudice or owning slaves because where the setting takes place there is a thing called “southern justice” where they take matters into their own hands and no matter how wrong the consequences are, nobody stands up. The people that Mark Twain describes shows how he kind of mocks them because they are portrayed as decent until a disruption occurs but they are exactly like all the horrible people they try to persecute but the only difference is that they don’t see anything wrong with their actions because to the public they are good people majority of the time, Sherburn tries to open the eyes of the mob that is foolishly trying to execute him but instead they continue on with their cowardous ways and just take in his words and let it go out the other ear, unfortunately for Sherburn, he later forgets the whole fiasco as
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