Huckleberry Finn Nature Vs Nurture Analysis

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Huckleberry Finn proves that one's actions and views are more influenced by nurture rather than nature. This is proven by the fact that Huck's drunken father is abusive to him; resulting in him running away and discovering the world that he had never acknowledged when he was trapped by the wrath of his father. He gains a small sense of morals from Miss Watson, he later meets Buck, who is a resemblance of Huck if he grew up in a different environment. The first indication of nature vs nurture in the story is Huck's home life. His father, pap, is an alcoholic who neglects Huck and abuses him daily. He would lock Huck in a shed alone for hours upon hours and Huck would be forced to turn the other cheek and take the hits. These action cause Huck to feel that he could not stand up for himself. Being that he is just a young boy, this period of time in ones life make experiences and emotions change who one is, thus impacting his whole view of society. After the new and oblivious judge gave custody of Huck to pap, Huck tries to go on with his normal schedule but…show more content…
The simplest thing can affect one's whole mindset. Paps abusive actions made Huck passive towards others. But without the struggle of him home life, he would have never grown into this selfless and humble boy. Everything can be taken and turned good if it is portrayed correctly. If Huck had been raised in a family like Bucks, then he would be sucked into the dark abyss that is revenge. Taking the job of karma will get you nowhere in life and before you know it, it will be too late. Life can be like that, something may look like it is great but in reality it does nothing but damage. You could see something that is terrible and would never want to be involved with, but it would turn into the most beautiful conclusion. Your story is what make you who you are, without it life would be
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