Huckleberry Finn Persuasive Essay

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Huckleberry Finn is taking place where slavery and racism is hugely used and courage. Even though, Huckleberry was not racist himself, he believes in the same rules as the society around encourage. When he has to be put to the test whether what the right thing is at what mind state Huckleberry Finn must decide. Growing up Huckleberry Finn is raised with a wrong heart and only has a mindset for two different types of people: slaves and whites. Huckleberry was now in a different position as he was a younger and now will make a different person with a different Heart a “Sound Heart” Huckleberry was truly loyal to his friend, who also happens to be a slave. It could be inferred Huckleberry has a sound heart by not letting race undermine his judgement by how needs help. Huckleberry Finn ran away at a very young age, from his father. Huckleberry Finn left on an island and where he later finds Jim, who will change him without words of encouragement. Huckleberry Finn finds Jim and learns his intentions. As shown in the text “Well, I b’lieve you, Huck. I-I run off.” [Said Jim.] “Jim!” [Says Huckleberry.] “But mind, you said you wouldn’ tell-you know you said you wouldn’ tell, huck” [says Jim.] …show more content…

Huckleberry time after time shows how loyal he is to Jim. Jim in considered to him his best friend and always goes back to Jim. Society around Huckleberry has shown his slavery, discrimination, and even the abuse of slaves. Huckleberry Finn has left this society and became part of the society where he wants a best friend who is a free slave and does not discriminate. When Huckleberry was younger, or even before the adventure, Huckleberry only saw two kinds of people and based on the person they could be considered friends. Now as Huckleberry matured more and been with Jim all this time, he sees him as a

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