Huckleberry Finn Religion Analysis

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In the book, everyone has a different viewpoint on religion. Miss Watson and Miss Polly believe in God and they try very hard to teach the boys to believe in God and try to teach them the power of Prayer. Huck and Tom doesn’t really care anything about listening to them. Mark Twain believes in God, because he makes allusions in the book too much not to believe. Miss Polly and Miss Watson tried so hard in the book to make the boys believe in God. They think they aren’t making any progress, but in the second chapter Huck said, “Ben Rogers said he couldn 't get out much, only Sundays, and so he wanted to begin next Sunday; but all the boys said it would be wicked to do it on Sunday, and that settled the thing.” This is proof that they think about things they should and shouldn’t do on Sundays.…show more content…
Throughout the book, there are many allusions and biblical references for Twain not to believe. In the first chapter, it talks about Miss Watson teaching Huck about Moses. Miss Watson also makes Huck do a bible study. She just wanted him to be the best christian he could be. Twain may be using Huck and Miss Watson’s different spiritual beliefs to compare and contrast the way he believed, as a child and how he believed when he got older. Children don’t generally understand the bible and how to believe in the bible. Huck may have been a lot like Twain as a child. There is so many differences in religion in this book, like Tom knows that Jim is free at the end of the story but still tries to torture him and be cruel towards him. Twain may have some deep issues and that 's why he uses so many different religions, he may not know what he believes. Religion in this story is a huge part of what happens and how others react to what happen. In the end, everyone is in an okay place spiritually. Huck didn’t really care about having to go home with Miss Watson and Tom didn’t really care that he had to stay with Miss Polly. The end of the story ended very happily and everyone
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