Huckleberry Finn Satirical Analysis

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Satire is a writing technique that authors use to make fun of human flaws using humor to help improve humanity. Mark Twain uses Satire in The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in hopes to correct human flaws. Some human flaws that Twain recognizes and comments on throughout the story are cowardliness, greed, and gullibility. When Twain wrote his satirical comments on cowardliness he is pointing out that humans only have courage when they are in a group; when other people are backing them up. When Colonel Sherburn is commenting on the mob about their cowardliness is a great scene that shows Twain’s satirical comment on this subject. In this scene Colonel Sherburn had shot down Boggs because he was annoying him and that town got mad at this incident…show more content…
Twain comments satirically on gullibility because when a person is gullible they believe anything that someone says and that they do not have a lot of social intelligence. They believe what anyone tells them because they do not realize that what someone says might not be true. Sometime a persons gullibility can bring them into trouble because someone is tricking them. This instance is clearly evident when the townspeople believe everything that the Duke and the King say. For example, when the Duke and King put up signs for their Shakespeare show and say that they are professional actors and the townspeople believe them, without even thinking twice of why a professional Shakespearean actor would come to their town. The townspeople saw that they were professionals and just believed it they did not think even think that it would be anything short of a Broadway play. Another example is when the King and the Duke out on another play called the Royal Nonesuch and the townspeople came even though it was a play that no one had heard about. INSERT QUOTE HERE. By making the characters in the story foolish Twain shows gullibility is a human
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