Huckleberry's Monologue

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I have a new teacher Mr. Huckleberry, he’s a middle-aged black man with a calm energy around him. After waiting in line to be seated he points at the back table in the right corner, a girl called Claire is already seated here, she smiles at me then tucks her ginger hair behind her ears, I like her because someone started a rumour saying her step-dad was bald so he stapled a wig onto his head and that made me laugh until my stomach hurt. Now it’s Jonah’s turn to be seated. I crossed my fingers underneath the table and only a few seconds’ later Mr. Huckleberry points at the table I’m on then says “next to Bame.” At this point my heart is racing and I’m screaming internally but of course maintain a cool exterior. I turn around to look at the paint brushes while he walks over, and start a…show more content…
Sighing I turn to Natalie, she has a horrified look on her face pointing towards Alice. I turned to see a giant bug crawling up Alice’s back towards her hair. Once it got to the back of her neck it jumps onto her hair clip then continues to make its way up. I feel bad for her but can’t help but wonder how she didn’t notice it, it’s almost the same size as her hair clip. I can hear sniggering from behind me, I look to investigate, and the rest of the class is gawking at her as if they’re watching a real life action movie. Alice finally notices the bug then casually flicks it off her head, it lands on the carpet next to me. I squirm towards Natalie who’s already freaking out. Our teacher notices the commotion then without hesitation a voice from the back shouts “There was a bug in Alice’s hair.” My posture collapses as I sink lower in my space, I feel ashamed of myself I should’ve said something. I watch how her ears turn red from behind which makes me feel even worst. “Then why didn’t anyone say anything!” Mr. Huckleberry snaps. He keeps everyone, except Alice and the people in the front behind afterschool to explain to us what bullying
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