Hudis Shilsky's Character Analysis

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Throughout Ruth’s interpretation of her past, brief -yet significant- insight on Hudis Shilsky’s character is depicted, unveiling the comprehensive mother behind the deferent, ignorant wife. Her initial meekness is first directly introduced by Ruth during the commencement of the biography when the latter undisputedly remarks, ‘My mother....was the exact opposite of him (referring to Fishel Shilsky) gentle and meek….she was a quiet woman’ (Mcbride 3), granting an immediate awareness of her mother’s character. She is then subsequently characterized in an indirect manner as Ruth reiterates the relationship that Hudis and her father held, stating that, ‘She kept the religious traditions of a Jewish housewife and was loyal to her husband, but Tateh had absolutely no love for her. He would call her by any name and make fun of her disability. He’d say “I get sick to look at you,” and, “Why do you bother trying to look pretty” (Mcbride 41)? Furthermore, the context of this situation and the lack of response on Mameh’s side indicate her absolute submissiveness and silent endurance to her husband’s gibes. Additionally, there isn’t mention of any resistance or opposition to the abuse directed towards her, and she instead chooses to remain loyal to Fishel throughout…show more content…
She seemingly has no knowledge or intimation of the sexual abuse dealt on her daughter by Fishel, quickly believing the lies told to her by Rachel, ‘When we’d get back to the beach, Mameh would ask, “Are you getting better at swimming?” and I’d say, “Yes Mameh” (Mcbride 42), Likewise, her ignorance may be a cause of how pure her sense of thought is, incapable of traveling to the darker realms of the world and, in consequence, ignoring the torment her daughter has to endure. Nevertheless, ignorance is a sin and the notion that Rachel has to experience such due to said ignorance is beyond
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