Hudson Bay Case Study

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Hudson Bay: In prospects and retrospect
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You will be surprised by knowing that The Hudson Bay, which is very popular company now a day was founded 347 years ago and is the oldest commercial company in The North America. The company started off during the fur trade in 1670. It is now owned by an America and still a successful company today around the world. around the world.

Who started it?

• Two French traders, Pierre-Esprit Radisson and Medard de Grosseilliers, learned of excellent fur trading grounds and sought
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• After the war, The Bay had new competition from North West Company in Montreal
Years of power and change

• After competing with The North-West Company, HBC becomes the most powerful company in North America.
• In 1821, HBC started trading their furs from other countries.
• New technologies in treading fur made the need for beaver less necessary.
• Silk hats becoming more fashionable and cheaper by using different types of .animals were n ow being used.
Hudson’s Bay Company Today

• Most of the Hudson’s Bay Company stores were in Western Canada until the 1960’s when the company bought several chains in Montreal and shorten their name to the Bay.
• This Lead to the expansion to eastern Canada.
• It was the largest chain store in Canada by 1978.
• The bay was still involved in fur trade up until 1991, when it sold the last of its trading posts.
• It is now a chain of over 90 department stores across Canada and is North America’s oldest company.
• Around the 1980’s the bay bought several retail stores like Zellers, Robinson’s, Simpsons and many more.

It is now a chain of over 90 department stores across

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