Hudson's Character In The Book 'Liela Meets'

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#12 Artistic Gursevak Sokhi #1 This picture is about the first character in the book name Hudson. Hudson is a mechanic who met Leila at the garage. And the picture is about then going to a private island getting drunk and sleeping there this is important because the next morning hugs and had an interview for important job. Which he missed because of his feelings for leila. #2 Bree is the second character in the book that Liela Meets while driving on to her journey. This second picture is about leila and bree stealing stuff from a Store at a gas station. Bree really taught leila how to live life to the fullest and experience The fear of never looking back. #3 Elliot is the third character leila Meets, literally by driving into him. Elliot was about to commit suicide because his prom night did not go as he hoped he was very drunk and crossing the street when you almost hit him. this is important because if Leila has not run into him I went to the hospital save his life she would have never help him get his girl. #4…show more content…
Sonia believes she can not love again because it would be unfair to her ex boyfriend who died. The picture is explain that sonia came to the usa with liela but realizes that she has the wedding rings and they have to take them back . #5 Last picture is of the northern light where leila was originally going for her trip. But before getting there she became freinds to 4 people in need. It was kind of sad because her trips was about the northern lights but that wasn 't even the best part. She enjoyed being with the four kids better, but all she had was postcards. Then she went to go home and live with her Uncle and Aunt
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