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Huey Long was the governor of louisiana. He had some important roles in history. Huey Long was a very outspoken person like most politicians. Huey Long was born on august 30, 1893 in Winnfield, Louisiana to Huey Pierce Long Sr. and Caledonia Tison Long. His father was a livestock farmer and his mother had no job. Huey Long had three siblings. Earl who died at age seventy, George who died at age seventy-five, Lucille Long Hunt who died at age eighty-seven, and Julius Long who died at age fifty-seven. He also had 3 semesters in college. Most of his education came from the Bible.( Louisiana State University right out of high school, then he went to Oklahoma Baptist University, next he went to University of Oklahoma Law School, and finally Tulane University Law School. Huey Long 's first job was a travelling salesman in the south selling anything from cooking oils to medicines. Then after that job he went into politics. He also got married to Rose McConnell in 1913.(…show more content…
He was also elected to the senate in 1930. He was a very smart man with a photographic memory and was a threat to FDR’s presidency in the 1936 election.( Huey Long was impeached in the house but avoided it in the senate. He was a very successful politician and was a prime candidate for president in the 1936 election but tragic events threw him out of the election.( Huey Long was assassinated in 1935, on September 8, and died two days later at age 42. He was shot by a political enemies cousin in the state capital and died two days later.( I learned that he was impeached and a very successful politician, and got assassinated before a presidential election and he was in a position to win the presidency before he was

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