Huey Long Share Our Wealth Speech Analysis

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21 May 2015

Share our wealth and the connections it had with the great depression

On February 23,1934 in a national radio address Huey long former Louisiana governor and U.S. senator proposed his “share our wealth” speech. Even though “share our wealth” is known as a speech it was a program designed to spread the nation's wealth and provide a decent standard of living to all Americans.Long created the program because during that time America was going through recession. The world in which Huey Long first gave his “share our wealth” speech was area where a majority of America in deep poverty. Mr.Long believed it was the government's job to save the impoverished in America by taxing the rich.Long’s speech had many “share our wealth”speech was given during the Great Depression in the 1930’s .The Great Depression was a time of economic struggle in the US.The Great Depression started in 1929 after the stock market crash which sent wall street into a fluster and caused millions of investors to wipe out.In the year of 1933 around thriteen to fifthteen million Americans lost their jobs which caused a drop of custormer investment ( Staff)

One of the problems Huey talked
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Impoverished families benefit from social networks and government provide them with money and the basic needs for life. Social also helped families with children pay for their education. Huey’s social programing plans was created to stop the poverty levels in America during the 1930’s so America can have a better economic systeeem.One way Mr.Long planned to get money to give back to the impoverished was by taxing the wealthy. By taxing the wealthy the income levels in America can even out so there can be three main economic classes and to eliminate the large income gap that America Faced during that
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