Huldych Zwingli: Reformer During The Swiss Protestant Reformation

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Huldych Zwingli, also known as Uldrich, is widely recognized as one of, if not, the most, important reformers within the Swiss Protestant Reformation. Of the reformers of the 16th century, he was the only one whose movement did not evolve into a church. Born on January 1, 1484, he followed in the footsteps of Martin Luther and accepted the scriptures as the supreme authority, applying it meticulously to all of his doctrines and practices. He attended school at Wesen, followed by Besen in 1494, and finally Bern in 1496. After his father and uncle disparaged the idea of entering a covenant because of his musical talents, he attended university at Vienna in 1498, and then Basel, from which he graduated in 1504. In 1506 he went to Glarus, ordained to the priesthood, and became a rather exemplary pastor. Once the reformation began, Zwingli immediately began to preach his…show more content…
Protestant worship services began in and around Zurich following the abolishment of the Mass on April 14, 1525, and he continued to preach, continually implementing only what was taught in the scripture; anything else was not accepted. Despite all the good he seemed to bring forth, Huldych was not without his fair share of controversy. In 1523, Zwingli became involved with a group he saw as “radical excess,” the Anabaptists. Conflict between him and the radicals continued to grow and after they continually rejected his teachings, they were put to death. Controversy also arose between Zwingli and the very man he followed, Luther, regarding the Lord's supper. Whilst Luther followed the common belief that the body and blood of Christ were present via the elements, Zwingli came to believe that the Lord's Supper was purely a symbolic remembrance. On October 11, 1531, Zwingli died while accompanying Zurich's army in the battle against the five southern Catholic cantons after being severely wounded with a

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