Hulga In Good Country People

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Age doesn’t always resemble or account for the level of maturity within ourselves. Instead, our choices are limited and reflected from our experiences, substantiating the transformations that originate from the outcomes. For Hulga in, Good Country People, tolerating with her heart condition, in result impacts her personality and consolidates her character and mind to be defensive. This unhealthy responsibility and the implication of her weak heart, serves to show that there is strength absent and necessary for her to deal with betrayal, masked as love. This motif O’Connor utilizes, not only indicates her physical weakness, but further reveals the magnitude of her flaw, as she struggles emotionally and mentally with deception.

To begin with, the duplicity was effective in permanently disarming Hulga, since she
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She was only able to expose herself to the knowledge delivered within her surroundings, because there was a lack of control and power over her life. Despite her potentials, her disability was the main component that determined the extent of goals she could actually achieve in reality. Invariably, she had to avoid and prevent any growth of relationships, and life experience with her weak heart tolling on the chances of her ability to take any custody and allow the presence of someone else in the picture. The description of Hulga’s situation is deplorable, as it is understood that her condition affects her capacity to take care of herself and others, “She had a weak heart. Joy had made it plain that if it had not been for this condition, she would be far from these red hills and good country people. She would be in a university lecturing to people who knew what she was talking about.” (3) As it has been noted her circumstance prohibits her to be “far from these red
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