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Welcome to the Hull House! We have just opened our services to Chicago’s West Side community. Our founders, Jane Addams and Elaine Gates Starr are working hard to provide the best for the community. Housing Conditions Currently, many of us live in tenements with multiple families living in tiny, cramped apartments together, that are in buildings that are generally five to six stories high. Such dwellings are overcrowded, thus creating an unsafe living environment due to various reasons such as, lack of space and major exposure to many germs that can cause illnesses amongst many. Most immigrants have to live in small apartment buildings with other families that consist of more-than-they-could-fit people. For instance, 12 adults slept in a room some 13 feet across, most apartments are about 325 square feet. These tight quarters were not only undesirable, but they allowed the spread of disease. Furthermore, the mortality rate is appalling; one in ten infants die in tenements, the general death rate in…show more content…
It’s polluted surroundings lead to sickly people, thus we will provide inspections on a monthly basis to check for any illnesses. And doctors will be on service in the Hull House to help cure sickness. We will work to improve the mortality rate in the city by putting medical attention to children. Almost 20 years ago, the Great Chicago Fire demonstrated the poor construction of tenements. On October 8th of 1871, a massive fire destroyed thousands of buildings and killed approximately 300 people. About 100,000 were left homeless and the disaster summed up to about $200 million in damages. With this major issue of such high cost in property loss we must help these poor, innocent people in getting the help they rightfully deserve. In addition, we will work to save up funds to contribute to the construction of buildings of other materials than wood, which is
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