Human Abuse Vs Animal Abuse Laws

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Animal abuse laws Vs. Human abuse laws When someone vulnerable is abused, the punishment for this crime can be very serious. Abuse should not be allowed under any circumstances. This should include not only humans but also animals. When an animal is abused, it is often overlooked as something that is not as serious compared to when a human is abused. Human abuse laws should apply to animals because the animal abuse laws are too lenient on the punishment when a crime is committed. Therefore, Human abuse laws should apply to animals. One of the most common types of animal abuse is neglect. Neglect is when the owner does not provide attention for the animal and their special needs. This is when an owner does not provide food, water, shelter or veterinary care. This can lead to death of an animal or health issues (“Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats” 2-3). This is one of the most common types of abuse that no one is really aware of. From neglect, this can cause animal suffering. The pain of animals starts when they have untreated illnesses or wounds. This would include starvation which is followed by loss of body fat which is followed by muscle and organ failure. Animals may also be affected by weather. For example, chained dogs can be frozen to death or die from extremely hot weather due to the lack of proper shelter (“Animal Cruelty Facts and Stats” 3-5). Most owners do not realize when their animal is suffering because of the lack of attention. Some people do not realize

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