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Christopher Nolan 's Interstellar begins with pictures of total hunger and destroyed Earth. An unknown disease kills the cereal crops one after one: the wheat has already become extinct, and the corn will soon become extinct. It is unclear what year the disaster began and what year is now.
Interstellar world differs a lot from our current one. Obviously, we have food crises in certain areas of our planet. However, in Interstellar the humanity is on the edge of extinction due to the global hunger. During the baseball game, Cooper 's father-in-law, Donald, mentions that "in his time" people were able to play baseball. Then, Cooper says that in his time people are too busy to play baseball because they are getting food. Cooper is now around 40;
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Since there are no ideal planets in the solar system, people need to go beyond the boundary. Hence, the title of the movie: Interstellar. Human face the task of flying from one solar system to another, but they do not have the capability for this. Human life and energy supplies are not enough for this mission. A trip to another solar system becomes possible when scientists found a wormhole near Saturn. A wormhole is a gravitational phenomenon that allows astronauts to travel quickly enough from the solar system to a remote place of the universe. This rare concept actually existed in science, which mentioned by Einstein 's general theory of relativity. Cooper learned the wormhole works like folding a sheet of paper (Redd, What is a Wormhole, Professor Brand says that wormholes do not appear by themselves, physicist Kip Thorne confirms this statement in his book. The heroes of the film decide that the wormhole was created by certain "they", a more developed creature that exists in five dimensions. But in the final, it turns out that "they" are the humanity of the future. It turns out that the people from the future built this “bridge”, the wormhole for the people from the past so human could be…show more content…
The opening scene with cornfield is the definition of life, soil and plants are the necessary part on earth. Nolan showed viewers this scene simply because he wants viewers to know the most basic element is also the most valuable thing. Thus, this movie leads people to start protecting earth from now on. Then, at the end of this movie, Cooper gives Murphy some signals from tesseract, he believes his daughter can understand it. Finally, when Murphy recognizes that the “Ghost” is actually Cooper, she realizes that she should keep trying to find a new home for human. This scene is probably the most powerful one throughout the movie, love and persistent is the key to success, therefore Murphy can solve the

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