What Is Evil In Lord Of The Flies

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The novel “Lord of the Flies” written by William Golding shows us different faces of a human being. In the novel all the boys are stuck on the island in different situations they show their different sides. It is not always important to be a good or bad person every time. Golding shows how a human can take someone’s life for their benefit, he shows us the savagery taken to the next level by the boys on the island. It was mostly hard for boys to stay in a civilized manner without any adult supervision, although when they come from such civilized families. In order to be safe, they must stay together in a group, supporting each other with the hope of going back from the island. But nobody expected themselves to be so savage that they killed boys from their own group. When the readers see the characters that are their favorites from the novel, Golding believes that the basic nature of the individual is evil. It is hard to believe that humans can be so evil too, but now this novel has proved it that humans need only a few minutes/days to lose their humanity and become so savage. The group of boys ultimately proves this thesis by their destructive actions.

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From their experience on the island, now they are no longer innocent as they have been exposed to the evil nature of human beings. Humans can be evil, and they need just a right moment to become good to evil. It has always been hard for the boys stay together, even after trying so much. Every human being has two sides good, and evil, but the world sees only one side all the time, and the other one is always hidden and very curious to come out, so it needs only a bit of something wrong to come out. “Lord of the Flies” is not all about good or evil, right or wrong. It is also about how people deal with difficult situations (particularly boys). Aggressive people tend to result in aggressive actions while assertive people tend to result in assertive
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