How Technology Affects Face-To-Face Communication

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What would happen to human being without technology? What strike your mind when others talk about the impact of technology? In modern contemporary world, technology has been growing tremendously over decades. Undoubtedly, technological development left a strong impact in different aspects, especially in communication and creative expression among people. Therefore, it is important to outweigh the pros and cons which all too often been neglected by most of us living in such a rapid-growing world with electronic and technology.

Technology plays a significant role as a great platform if we take it as a paintbrush for creative expression. With the technology advancing at such a pace, smartphones are portable which we can take it to wherever, whenever. Who have expected a device merely half size of our palm was a
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These days people prefer texting while walking or even gathering also vision stick to the devices ' screen. Obviously, technology immensely reduces face-to-face communication between them. Lack of contact has in turn created barrier among one another, namely isolation. We will lose the ability to read body language and social cues in other people which may probably leads to misunderstanding. As a deliver, you’re unable to tell if you friend may be excited or down due to the lack of body language and tone of voice. We are unable to understand feelings as body language lost through technological communication. Through various forms of communication, there is also a rise in the number of cyber-bullying cases. Cyber bullying occurs when an individual uses a type of technology, such as a social networking site, instant messages or text messages to harass, threaten, torment or humiliate another individual. It can be one child to another, but often it involves groups of friends verbally attacking one or more victims. These are a few examples of violent behavior spread through
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