Human Cadaver Book Report

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The Life of a Human Cadaver, the Hows and Whys
By: Robyn Anderson
Have you ever wondered what would happen to your body if you were to sell it to scientist, and allow them to use it for scientific research? Well then do I have a book for you, Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers, by Mary Roach. Mary wrote the book Stiff to help others understand what actually happens if you were to give your body to scientists. This book gives of an insight of the secret life of human cadavers. If you feel like you want to have a future career in anatomy and what to be a scientist when you grow up then this is a perfect book for here. Not only will you might have to read it in your high school and/or college anatomy class, but its also a book to read. Mary was able to experience all of these experiments first-hand, she didn’t just research all of the facts used throughout the book, she actually learned them and saw them happen before her eyes. This is a very good book to read if you love to read non-fiction and science, because it combines the two in perfect harmony.
Mary uses a first-person
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Mary states that, “A dummy can tell you how much force a crash is unleashing on various dummy parts, but without knowing how much of a blow a real body part can take, the information is useless.”, which is why they’d rather use bodies than na actually dummy. She uses facts to interest us in the book more or to get us to do farther research. In the book she states that in the 18th century some Scottish medical school that could pay in bodies rather than cash. In the book Mary states, “I guess I feel the same way about being a corpse. Why lie around on your back when you can do something interesting and new, something useful?” This and many other quotes show s that Mary was totally behind the idea of letting others use your body when your done with
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